Our Mission

U30 DAO is a networking DAO that brings together influential people to solve humanity’s most difficult problems – ones that require coordination across social, economic, and political domains.

U30 DAO leverages these three mutually beneficial domains to do so:

  1. SOCIAL - journalists, bloggers, and influencers to sway the hearts and minds of the masses

  2. ECONOMIC - entrepreneurs, investors, and bankers to create innovative solutions and the capital required to execute and deploy them

  3. POLITICAL - lawmakers and lobbyists to shape policy and regulation to support our goals

Coincidentally, Web3 is also the first time in history these three domains will collide in such a spectacular way.

Our Values

EXCELLENCE — Always strive to be better. To grow. Adapt. Evolve. And know that there is always more to be learned. Everyone, regardless of who you are, is here to learn and grow.

RESPECT — Everyone has a different background and deserves respect, regardless of who they are, how they look, where they’re from, how much they earn, where they studied, or what their title is. Strive to keep an open mind and do not rush to judgment.


Our Metrics

How do we know we are getting closer to our goals?

If we could somehow survey every human on earth, our metric would be “collective happiness of all humans”. Since this is currently unfeasible, our proxy metrics are:

TREASURY & REVENUE GROWTH — if we succeed in growing an engaged community through the addition of QUALITY individuals, it’ll indirectly bring in more capital; Capital that can then be used for investments in projects, companies and organizations that have an impact in the causes we collectively choose to focus on.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT — DAO membership, voting turnouts, average consensus rates, community engagement, and event turnouts. We can poll DAO members on their happiness and satisfaction levels.

INVESTMENTS IN CHOSEN CAUSES — We can aggregate the accolades of the companies, projects, and organizations we invest in to get a pulse on what type of impact we’re making overall. We estimate a dollar amount of positive impact attributable to U30, and then calculate an efficiency of capital metric.