U30 DAO Roadmap

The U30 DAO's goals are challenging and will take decades to achieve. Over the next thirty years, it will evolve and change, guided by our DAO members. The following represents our current plans and ambitions. Last updated April 2022.

The TL;DR Plan

  1. Build a network of high-caliber individuals who really really want to change the world, and can actually do so

  2. Leverage this network to raise capital for impact investing

  3. Re-invest returns and increase scale each time

  4. Do this while continuing to build a stronger and better network

Phase I: Building Foundations Through Event Hosting (2022)

$1m, 10k members

Building foundations. Bootstrapping audience, brand, revenue, talent, and deal flow

Event Schedule:

  • ANNUAL FLAGSHIP CONFERENCE. Annual summits will be held every Summer IRL. The first event will be July or August 2022. This first event is also considered our Launch event.

  • QUARTERLY SUMMITS (3). Between annual summits, we will host 3 smaller IRL topical events (once per quarter). A different area of focus (an impact/cause/problem) will be chosen for each event.

  • HAPPY HOURS AND MEETUPS. These will be smaller IRL events organized and hosted by the community.

  • ONLINE EVENTS. Throughout the year, we’ll host most casual AMAs, get-togethers, webinars, fireside chats, and working sessions via Discord live video chat.

Each IRL event's admissions ticket is sold via NFT. Each event may have its own NFT, which also serves as a POAP. These are not the usual hyped collectible NFTs, so holders should not expect them to appreciate in value (but they can).

Phase II: Investments & Capital Allocation (2022-2030)

$10m to $1B, 100k to 10m members

U30 becomes an investment DAO. The DAO continues to operate and level up event hosting, but adds on additional investment capabilities, leveraging deal flow and network from event hosting.

DAO Structure

H2 2022 - Token sale. Issue tokens, set up liquidity pools. Early offering to NFT holders. Fund I target raise: $5 million. Timing is pending legal structure and incorporation. Carry (profit) and admin fees funnel to DAO treasury.

2023 - Fund II $20m. Fundraise from DAO members (and institutional LPs?) to invest in startups and research. Minority investments only. Key term for LPs: evergreen reinvestment. Consider Reg D/CF.

2023 - Incubator/accelerator program. Spinouts. DAO as operator: Majority investments in companies, as well as wholly-owned operators of companies in key industries the DAO believes it is best suited and most capable to operate in.

2025 - $100m+ fundraise

2027 - $1B fundraise

Phase III: U30 expands to lead governance and technology to accelerate economic growth (2030-2050)

$10B to $10T, 10m to 1B members

The U30 DAO becomes a key influencer of critical humanitarian policies that propel humanity’s economy to perpetual prosperity. It is influential in legacy governments and leads governance of digital citizens. It accelerates technology in key areas that align with its mission.

The U30 DAO becomes a mix of government, non-profit organization, and private corporation, owned by and governed by its community members, with stakes in key industries that drive society, including finance, media, energy, and tech, and an annual budget that rivals a country’s annual tax receipts.